Latin American Solidarity Centre Expresses Solidarity With Maxima Acuña & Family

Conga Conflict welcomes an international expression of solidarity with Maxima Chaupe & family. On the 20th November 2014, the Latin American Solidarity Centre, with offices in Dublin, Ireland, published the following message.

“The committee and members of LASC wish to express their solidarity with Maxima Acuña Chaupe and her family in the face of continued harassment, intimidation and violence by officials from the Peruvian National Police and personnel of the mining company Yanacocha. We denounce the human rights violations that they suffered at the hands of these authorities and we demand a fair and impartial legal process to confirm her ownership of the land which she legally purchased in 1994.

We would remind the Peruvian authorities that in May 2014 the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights awarded precautionary measures to Maxima and her family. Measures that until now have not been fulfilled.”

(see here for more information about LASC)